Spencer’s Camera Review

INTRODUCTION Have you ever wanted to get more involved in a deep hobby or spice up your professional work? Photography is the leader in being both a good time and a hard job. It is important to gather all the knowledge and equipment required to be satisfied with your work. Having taken the time to […]

Reviews Review

When it comes to photography we are used to capturing what’s right in front of our eyes, and after all that’s what cameras were designed for. However cameras can see worlds and ranges beyond our very eyes. One of the most popular takes on this is infrared photography. Which allows photographers to discover whole new […]


The Nikon D3100 And Its Capabilities

Here is a quick demo of a full spectrum converted Nikon D3100. Download Our Free Infrared Photography Guide How to take infrared pictures with a digital camera What are infrared filters available How to process infrared images How to modify a digital camera for infrared photography How to modify a digital camera to a full […]