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Welcome to Full Spectrum UK. Here you will find a broad range of infrared converted cameras. You can buy straight from us, the company that actually does the conversion. We guarantee clean, reliable conversion and our infrared converted cameras come without any visible spots on the sensor. We also guarantee that there will be a minimal amount of dust in the camera.

All cameras in our shop are professionally refurbished to highest standards and have no more than 20 thousand shutter actuations.

In our shop you can buy our cameras and pay with instalments using PayPal. We are delighted to use PayPal as our payment processor and accept debit cards, credit cards and a bank transfer.

Do you have any questions. Please contact us here.

We have lab equipment to properly align camera sensors so our converted Canon 1200D, 650D, and 7D come with perfectly aligned sensors - exactly how they came from the factory.

We convert DSLRs, compact system cameras, compact cameras and video camcorders.
Infrared RoadTo protect sensors in full spectrum cameras we use borosilicate glass. We believe that this is better in the long run. Cleaning the sensor will be much easier and small dust will be not visible at all.

All our infrared converted DSLR cameras are recalibrated for 50 mm focal length quick focus. Of course, the Live View mode in our converted cameras will focus correctly with all lenses and all focal lengths.

We also offer an infrared conversion service for almost all cameras available on the market.

 Do you have any questions. Please contact us here.



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