Spencer’s Camera Review



Have you ever wanted to get more involved in a deep hobby or spice up your professional work? Photography is the leader in being both a good time and a hard job. It is important to gather all the knowledge and equipment required to be satisfied with your work. Having taken the time to acknowledge your photos could be more fulfilling, Spencer’s Camera and Photo is exactly where you need to go to make that happen. Below are a few of the best reasons as to why I would not choose any other company to work with my photography equipment and accessories.
Praise and admiration for Spencer’s Camera and Photo’s unique sense of familiarity with their customers. Not many businesses offer so much help and direct guidance to ensure you are more than content with their product or your equipment. Never hesitate to ask a question or admit that you are unsure of the best choice to make. Before researching with the help of their website and staff, I never knew there were so many options for alterations to enhance your photography with infrared cameras, full-spectrum cameras, and filters.


Astro-Cameras can capture some of the sharpest, most crisp photos in circumstances where ample lighting is not prolonged enough through their hi-tech heat reduction/cooling systems, noise reduction, filter removal, etc. Imagine photos that appear as if they have just jumped out of a telescope. The technology and testing required for such clear digital photo specifications are a staple with Spencer’s Camera and Photo. They have had the opportunity to work alongside NASA and Astronaut Don Pettit amongst the international space station (ISS) giving much accreditation to the detail of their work and work ethic which ultimately amplifies their camera technology and knowledge over time.


Most photographers who try external on-lens infrared filters run into many complications such as not being able to see through the viewfinder, capturing moving subjects in dim light, etc. Spencer’s Camera and Photo are more than able to eliminate these obstacles by installing their IR conversion within the digital camera itself. The infrared conversion will limit how much light is allowed into the camera lens giving the photographer more control and detail to their photos with such ease and comfort.


There are so many tricks to the trade of photography. Spencer’s Camera provides exceptional opportunities for you to upgrade your photo equipment. They give you the option of simple yet high-quality conversions for any digital camera and new Infrared cameras or Astro-Cameras that trump any competitor. You can choose from popular filter templates (Black & White, 3 color IR filters, and Full Spectrum/Clear) or order to your specifications. Spencer’s Camera and Photo are extremely helpful and will work with you giving advice and guidance throughout the whole conversion process to best suit your needs. Camera conversions are not the only service made available, there is a multitude of alterations offered, additional lenses, and accessories available to you. There are even workshops and classes you can attend to ensure you have the best equipment and the knowledge of how to best use it.


Photography equipment is by no means cheap. Furthermore, fine-tuning this equipment can deter photographers solely because of the price. Because Spencer’s does all the custom work and does not send it out to a third-party company, the pricing of such specifications is much cheaper than other companies. Since all work is done in-house, 6-12-month warranties are provided and as always, their advice and expertise are free of charge. Once you have had equipment serviced, you are always more than welcomed to have their free sensor cleaning service (provided you cover the shipping cost for your equipment).


Spencer’s Camera and Photo does a wonderful job of being the all-encompassing leader in both camera repair and infrared (IR) conversion on over 600-800 different digital camera models. Whether you are new to photography or a long-time professional, Spencer’s Camera and Photo would not treat your equipment with anything other than precision and care. Up to date and specific technology assures the camera’s longevity and performance.