Getting Started with Your Converted Infrared or Full-Spectrum Camera by Rob Shea

eBook by Rob Shea

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Styles of Infrared Photography
  • External Filters for Infrared Photography
  • Lenses for Infrared Photography
  • Settings for Shooting Infrared Photography
  • Processing Traditional and Color Infrared Images
  • What’s Next
  • Additional Resources


Welcome to the hidden world of infrared photography! This book is designed for new infrared photographers who
have a converted a camera to infrared or full-spectrum. This book covers the styles of infrared photography, using
external filters, selecting lenses, settings for shooting with your converted camera, and how to process your infrared
images. Infrared photography can be challenging and rewarding. This book will help to get you started. When you are
ready for more, there are links to blog articles and videos covering more advanced topics.

Download the book here.