The Canon 1100D (Rebel T3, X50) And It’s Capabilities

Here are images from full spectrum Canon 1100D . Full Spectrum With 680nm filter Download Our Infrared Photography Guide 590nm 720nm Using 850nm IR filter Camera’s Noise If you are into Astrophotography you may want to know it’s noise. Here is a biast frame from this camera. And here is a dark frame. You can […]


The Nikon D3100 And Its Capabilities

Here is a quick demo of a full spectrum converted Nikon D3100. Download Our Free Infrared Photography Guide How to take infrared pictures with a digital camera What are infrared filters available How to process infrared images How to modify a digital camera for infrared photography How to modify a digital camera to a full […]

DIY Guides

How to DIY Convert Fujifilm S4300 To A Full Spectrum Camera

Here is DIY Full Spectrum Camera. The tricky part of this camera conversion is that it needs a glass in the front of the sensor. Otherwise, it can’t focus. But we can overcome this obstacle by fitting Borosilicate glass in the front of the sensor. We just need a Dremel tool and also some diamond […]