The Canon 1100D (Rebel T3, X50) And It’s Capabilities

Here are images from full spectrum Canon 1100D . Full Spectrum With White Balance Set To A White Card Download Our Infrared Photography Guide 590nm 720nm Using 850nm IR filter Camera’s Noise If you are into Astrophotography you may want to know it’s noise. Here is a biast frame from this camera. And here is […]


The Nikon D3100 And Its Capabilities

Here is a quick demo of a full spectrum converted Nikon D3100. Download Our Free Infrared Photography Guide How to take infrared pictures with a digital camera What are infrared filters available How to process infrared images How to modify a digital camera for infrared photography How to modify a digital camera to a full […]

DIY Guides

How to DIY Convert Fujifilm S4300 To A Full Spectrum Camera

Here is DIY Full Spectrum Camera. The tricky part of this camera conversion is that it needs a glass in the front of the sensor. Otherwise, it can’t focus. But we can overcome this obstacle by fitting Borosilicate glass in the front of the sensor. We just need a Dremel tool and also some diamond […]