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How to Convert Panasonic G2 To Full Spectrum

The Panasonic G2 has a pleasant IR picture rendering. There are also many lenses that perform very well in infrared.

However, the conversion involves some metal filing for focus adjustment.

Let’s disassemble the camera. Unscrew all the screws on the outside. There will be hidden screws on the viewfinder.

Carefully separate the plastic panel with the LCD. There will be three ribbon cables to disconnect. Please take care of them as the LCD one can be easily damaged.

Disconnect all the ribbon cables. Disconnect a flash cable using insulated tweezers. Disconnect also the thin cable. Separate the top part from the camera.

Unscrew all motherboard screws and take it out. There will be two cables to disconnect. Now you can take out the sensor.

The sensor sits in this camera on springs, and without tools, you probably would not align it properly.

The tools that can be used are a caliper, a DIY gauge with a magnetic base or a micrometer. I haven’t tried the micrometer though.

Now we will adjust the focusing. This actually is not a focusing calibration but a focus function restoration. If we leave it like this the camera will not focus to infinity.

First of all we will separate the hot mirror. We will not use it anymore.

There are three screws on one side and two screws on another side. We will also take out lens attachment ring in other words we will strip down that plate completely.

Please keep in mind that when we have loosen those screws the shutter lever will go to the right. When assembling the sensor we need to push that lever to the left.

Now we will mark the three studs and file them down for about one millimeter. The marking is for us to easier see the filing progress.

After filing down is complete I clean the plate with air blower and a brush. We do not want metal particles in the camera.

Please do not forget to shift the sensor 0.8 mm to the front.

The assembling is straight forward. We need to be careful with that flash cable and we need to set the shutter to the previous position.

When you plug the flash cable, it’s safer to use insulated tweezers or even plastic tweezers.

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