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Infrared 850nm Converted Camera Sony A5000 Review Setup And Tutorial

Here is infrared 850nm converted Sony A5000.

The look of this camera may mislead you, but the quality of images it produces is actually very good.

I will walk you through the menu first and then set it for infrared photography.

infrared 850nm converted sony a5000

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The menu can look complicated at first, but there are no hidden items so you can quickly find what you need.

The first six tabs are dedicated to image and video settings. Although it is a bit confusing in the way that its organized – video and image settings are mixed.

Then in these four tabs, there are camera controls, visual and button organization.

Next is the Wireless setup. I prefer to keep it on Airplane mode as it drains the battery.

Here is how to set the White Balance. First, go to tab and menu number four. Choose White Balance. Scroll to the Custom Setup and have your grey card ready. A white piece of paper would also work. You can set it to grass and the grass, tree leaves and anything green will look white.

It probably will show you an error, but this is okay, it still will set the Custom White Balance, and the image will be black and white. It is quite amazing that you can have black and white pics just by setting White Balance.

Now, this Sony kit lens 16-50 will have a spot in the center on high numerical aperture. This is just how this lens works.

Nevertheless, despite this, you can get a pretty nice infrared image by using this lens.

The optical zoom gives very good results. Digital zoom, which is used when the optical zoom is at 55mm, probably needs a tripod to have clear pictures.

I recommend checking out lens list that are good for infrared.

Here are some infrared image processing manuals.

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