Free Infrared Photography Book

Infrared Photography Guide

Infrared photography guide
  • How to take infrared pictures with a digital camera
  • What are infrared filters available
  • How to process infrared images
  • How to modify a digital camera for infrared photography
  • How to modify a digital camera to a full spectrum

Here is a short excerpt from the book.

Infrared Camera Conversion

There are a few ways to make the camera see infrared. The simplest way is just to take an infrared filter and place it on the lens, go outside with a tripod and start taking long exposure pictures.

However, this method is inconvenient, and it will make moving objects blurred.

Permanent Infrared and Full Spectrum Conversion

So we will do camera conversion. Basically, there are two types of infrared camera conversion: permanent infrared and full spectrum.

Permanent infrared is handy when we do not have infrared filters or adapters for each lens. It also allows us to see the subject through the viewfinder on a DSLR camera.

Full spectrum conversion facilitates us to try out new ideas and new filters. Perhaps, one day I want to shoot with a 590nm filter, and another day I want deep black with a 950nm filter.

We need then to buy infrared filters that fit our lens.

In all those two types the filter that blocks UV and IR light will be removed from the sensor.

Here you will find some interesting infrared processing.

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