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Cameras are now a part of our daily lives. While before taking a photo was saved for special occasions; now we can take as many photos we want with our cellphones. However just because we got used to photography it doesn’t mean there’s no secrets left for them. Infrared photography is a different way to take a look at and record the world around us. And when it comes to getting started with this branch of photography LifePixel is one of the most popular names online. So let’s take a look at their website and see what they have to offer.

A clear introduction to Infrared and beyond

A good thing about LifePixel is that it doesn’t assume you already know everything about infrared photography, but it doesn’t go overboard with explanations either. If you are new to the topic the highlighted “Start Here” section offers a concises and clear explanation of what Infrared photography is. LifePixel offers brief but clear explanations of how Infrared works and what you’ll need to start taking photographs like those.

Of course the website isn’t solely about Infrared photography, and you can find information on Ultraviolet and Full Conversion photography as well. As a whole while their explanations aren’t long-winded they do cover all the key points to make sure you understand how everything works and why you might want an infrared converted camera or a full conversion for your device.

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Infrared photography guide

Something that stands out when it comes to LifePixel compared to other websites detailing this kind of photography are the galleries. LifePixel counts with large galleries that show the appeal and potential of Infrared cameras. Overall LifePixel makes a great job at showing interested parties what their services are all about; while making sure that visitors aren’t overwhelmed with information.

“Concise but functional” is a sentence that sums up LifePixel as a resource very well.

All the services and products you could need

Where LifePixel definitely begins to stand out is on it’s shop. Anything that a photography aficionado or amateur could need is covered on the website. And if you want to get started on Infrared photography LifePixel is the definitive spot.

If you want to start without worrying about the details you can look for one of their pre-converted cameras. This way you can buy an Infrared converted camera without needing to understand or worry about the fine details that conversion imply. Another great perk are the prices, as you can get a pre-converted camera for less than $200. Most sites asks considerably more and this makes LifePixel one of the most affordable options in the market.

Of course if you’d prefer to convert a camera you already own the service is also available. LifePixel organizes this service by camera brand and you’ll find they convert almost any model released. While prices are normal for the process LifePixel does offer some accompanying perks with their conversion process: Buyers get one year of warranty for the conversion and filter, a complementary 30 minute online training session and free phone and email support for life.

For those who are more adventurous or specific about their needs LifePixel keeps a stock of external and internal filters. This means that you can purchase your ideal filter according to your own needs and preferences. Like everything else in the store their filters are properly organized by brand. And original filters area available so you know they’ll work perfectly.

Last but not least when it comes to accessories LifePixel also offers lenses for your camera. These aren’t lenses exclusive to IR photography so you can use them for any camera. However this is by far their smallest selection when it comes to camera goods.

However while that sums up their physical goods LifePixel counts with more services on it’s shop. LifePixel offers online one-on-one sessions so you can improve with the help of industry professionals. Workshops on various aspects of photography are also available, but of course those require that you are near location to participate. LifePixel also offers image post-production services so your perfect shot looks as good as it can.

All in all their store counts with some of the best selection of any IR photography website. And with affordable options for beginners LifePixel stands out as one of the best websites to get started on infrared and full spectrum photography.

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