Full Spectrum Converted Canon EOS 7D 18MP Digital SLR Camera Black (Body only)

All the filters from the sensor are removed.
Live View mode focuses correctly with any lens on any focal length.

No dust particles on the sensor guaranteed.
It can be used as an ordinary camera with an IR/UV Cut Off Filter.

If you want to use this camera for Astrophotography please use filters listed below. The filter should be made for CCD sensor. Sometimes there is no CCD mentioned in the filter description but it still can be used.

Below are the astrophotography filters suitable for this camera:

Optolong L-Pro (very good, transmits a lot of colors, can be used in light-polluted areas)

CLS CCD (less color than L-Pro, mostly to suppress city lights)

Optolong L-Enhance (less color than L-Pro, but better in light-polluted areas, better than CLS CCD in light-polluted areas)

Optolong Ha (narrowband, not much color, the best in light-polluted areas)

Optolong L-Extreme (less color than L-Enhance, but better in light-polluted areas, more color than Optolong Ha)

Optolong H-Alpha same as Ha (narrowband, not much color, very good in light-polluted areas)

Other filters that do not have CCD in the name but are suitable are listed below.
All the filters below will have the least color amount but will be the best in light-polluted areas:
Astronomik OIII-Filter
Astronomik Hß-Filter
Astronomik OIII-CCD filter 6nm and 12nm FWHM
Astronomik H-alpha-CCD filter 6nm and 12nm FWHM
Astronomik SIII-CCD filter

Optolong CLS that is not CCD is not suitable.
Any other brand CLS filter that is not CCD is not suitable for this camera.

This modified camera also can be used for infrared photography.

Please Note That The Battery Is Not Included.
Please Buy The Battery Locally (it will cost around 10 EUR).

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Full Spectrum Converted Canon 7D MK1 good for Astrophotography

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