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How To Convert Nikon D70 Digital Camera To Infrared

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Infrared photography guide
  • How to take infrared pictures with a digital camera
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Here we have Nikon D70 which will be converted to infrared 720nm.

If you do this conversion in a room, please vacuum the room first. Fewer problems with dust would be in a room with wooden flooring.

Infrared converted Nikon

First of all, we need to unscrew all the outside screws. You probably need to wear gloves just not to leave fingerprints everywhere, and an anti-static bracelet also can be useful.

Those screwdrivers are made by Lindy – the best screwdrivers I ever had.

First, we are going to take out the bottom cover and disconnect a ribbon cable. Now we can remove the LCD.
We will disconnect another ribbon cable. Another cable is on the left side. We need to disconnect it also.

Here is the sensor. It is a very simple construction compared to canon sensor fittings.

Putting In Infrared Filter

I will leave the ultraviolet and infrared cut off filter on until I will have the infrared filter prepared.
Here is the infrared filter. It comes with the right dimensions 25 by 29 mm.
I am cleaning it with a microfiber cloth. Please do not use any chemical sprays. Distilled water can be used. This filter has no coating so the chemical would eat into it.
The air blower is probably the best thing invented after apple pie.

Keep the sensor faced downward and use the LED flashlight to check isn’t there any dust on it. Make sure you do this step in complete darkness. If there is something on it use a small metal stick to pick it up. I would not clean the sensor with a microfiber cloth unless it is really dirty.

Take the infrared filter and clean any particles from it using an LED flashlight and microfiber cloth.

Now you need to double check that there is no dust on the sensor. Keep the sensor facing down.

Place the filter on the sensor. Make sure it is free from dust using an LED flashlight.

You will need to get 0.5mm washers to shift the sensor 0.5mm to the back for correct focusing. Make sure you do not lose this washer inside the camera. You need to push sensor assembly down and a little to the right.

Now assemble everything together.

The camera now will focus correctly on the 50mm focal length.

Finally we have infrared converted Nikon.

Please also visit this site for amazing infrared images.

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