A Few Infrared Pictures From Athens Greece Taken With Canon 1100D (X50, Rebel T3) Converted To 850nm

Here are infrared pictures from my trip in Athens.

Infrared picture of a motorcycle.

Okay, the first one is a moped. We have a lot of these over here because of good weather. Starting from May till Christmas you ride a moped and rain would be a rare event.

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I used Canon 18-55 kit lens which lacks a bit of contrast in the infrared spectrum. But the good think about is that it is compact and lightweight.

Infrared picture of left cars.

Another image with the 18-55 kit lens. We have those abandoned cars here that sit doing nothing. This is next to an abandoned car body shop if I good remember.

Infrared picture of a nice retro car.

This is a 60mm 2.8 EF-S prime lens. It’s a very good lens, but it’s prime so need more walking to compose.

Infrared picture

Again this is 60mm 2.8. I could not compose as I wanted because a wall was on my way.

Infrared picture of a tree.

Same 60mm 2.8.

Infrared picture of a tree.

I think I overdid the contrast a little bit in this picture.

Infrared picture of a tree.
Infrared picture of a city space.

This picture is taken with Canon 55-250 EF-S. It’s a kit lens, but it’s very sharp; something near the L lenses. This is taken on a bridge near Davaki Pindou.

Infrared picture of a modern car.

A few pictures with a Canon 18-55 kit lens.

Infrared picture of an abandoned car.
Infrared picture of a city blocks.
Infrared picture of a train in a horizon.

I used here 55-250 EF-S lens, near Railway Museum of Athens.

Infrared picture

This is taken with the 18-55 kit lens next to Revoil gas station.

Infrared picture of a kid.

A kid asked me to take a photo, but I had 55-250 lens, I tried to get him into the frame, but again, a wall was in my way. This 1100D is a cropped body, so we really get 90mm out of 55mm focal length.

Infrared picture of Parthenon.

This is Parthenon, from a bridge near Davaki Pindou.


Another picture from the same bridge.

Walking girl.

This is a street on a sunny day.

In the future I a m willing to give these infrared pictures to a professional to process it professionally. My image processing skills are just basic.

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