850nm Infrared Converted Camera Canon 1100D X50 T3 Review Setup And Tutorial

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Here we have a Canon 1100D converted to 850nm Infrared Spectrum. The advantage of this conversion is that the camera can produce very nice black and white images. It has everything that we need to do is to set white balance to a grey card and shoot.

Infrared converted camera Canon 1100D

To use custom white balance we need to take a picture first using a grey card, white paper, grass or anything that we want to be white on our pictures.

Focus hunting in Live View mode is normal for this model.

Then we go to the Custom White Balance (second tab) and press OK. Sometimes it can give an error saying that it can’t obtain information from the image. However, it will actually it will set the White Balance that we want.

Now we leave the Live Mode and choose White Balance setting with the down arrow button.

Choose the icon with two small triangles.

Notice I am taking pictures in Live View mode because here the camera can autofocus correctly in infrared with any lens and any focal lengths.

Also, to make pictures black and white, you can go to Picture Style and choose a monochrome option.

In video mode, we must set Picture Style to monochrome because the camera does not have manual White Balance pre-set in Video mode.

Of course, if you install Magic Lantern, then you would have more controls. However, the White Balance will not set properly, and you will need to use the Black And White option in Picture Style.

What’s the advantage of this camera. Well, there are many cheap zoom lenses for this camera, for example, the 55-250mm.

If you own infrared converted camera and take infrared images an infrared lens comparison would be handy.

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